Craig Duff

Craig set up Nanogreen Cleaning Ltd in 2014 with a view to clean carpets for local residents and businesses. Soon realising there was demand for more dedicated services he decided to take on more work and grow the company to where we are today.  Through his dedication and hard work Nanogreen Cleaning Ltd is going from strength to strength.  

Covering all aspects of work and being a one stop call for local business Craig and his team is making an impression in the cleaning world. 


Cleaning Contractor: Tash Langton 

Tash joined Nanogreen late 2014 with a view to assist when required.  It was soon apparent Tash would become a regular and important part of Nanogreen.  

Tash has proved to be loyal, trustworthy and an integral part of the company.  Tash enjoys family life and socialising with friends. She has a wonderful family and lives for her kids.  

She is also partial to a glass of wine or prosecco. 


Carpet Cleaning Contractor: 

Matt Styles

Matt joined us Oct 2016 having previously worked alongside Craig on a national compnay. Matt comes with good knowlege of the industry and a drive for work.  A hard working family man Matt lives for his kids. 

Team Manager:

Cath Clancy

Cath joined the team to asssit in the managment of the HMO contracts. Her experience and dedication brought added value to the team.  Cath has a vast working backgound working in sales, management and customer services. Cath has now been pronmoted to Team manager and is looking after operations assisting Craig in the growth of the company. 

Cath loves to bake and regulary brings in cupcakes and treats. 

Cleaning Contractor

Andrea Assofolmedo

Andrea joined Sept 16 to assist Cath on HMO contract work. She has been in the industry for 16 years and understands they requirement and standards these contracts require. 

Andrea is a hard working individual with a young family to support.